Press | Elleuk.com June 19, 2014

LARKE x DARKROOM Gill sunglasses in Mosaic and Terrazzo made Elle UK’s ‘What To Wear – Sunglasses: New Brands To Know’ page, featuring an array of the latest niche eyewear brands to covet.

Press | InStyle June 16, 2014
Larke Optics InStyle Press Feature Interview

The July issue of InStyle sees LARKE creative director Laura Nicholson interviewed alongside five talented up and coming designers selected by Features Editor Hannah Rochell for the magazines coverage of ‘Summer’s Best Designers’.

Seen | Stine Goya June 2, 2014
Designer Stine Goya wearing Larke Optics Collaboration

Undoubtedly talented and stylish, Danish womenswear designer Stine Goya wears GILL Matt Safari sunglasses in sun-drenched Copenhagen.